hasuda takeshi

Greetings on the Founding of IABB
In April 2018, the first ever international Baby Box symposium was held in Kumamoto City to discuss the current practice and problems of Baby Boxes around the world. Baby Box administrators and researchers from 11 countries in total reported on the situation and current problems in their country at the 2-day conference, where we realized that many other countries in the world had a comparable Baby Box system. It also became clear that the participating countries share similar problems and tasks intrinsic to the Baby Box system so there is an urgent need to deal with them together.
Thus, we have established a new organization called the International Association of Baby Boxes (IABB). Its members are Baby Box administrators, researchers and social care workers. In this organization, we will share and solve the Baby Box problems collaboratively through information and human resources exchange, international symposiums and other means.
We sincerely appreciate your understanding and support for our organization.


November 29, 2018
International Association Baby Boxes
Director General Ken Hasuda