Article 1 Name
This organization is named International Association of Baby Boxes (IABB).
Article 2 Purpose
The purpose of this organization shall be the interaction and information exchange among Baby Box administrators, researchers and people engaged in social care.
Article 3 Activities
1.We shall share information on this website for the purpose set forth in Article 2.
2.We shall encourage reciprocal visits between Baby Box administrators.
3.We shall hold international symposiums on a regular basis.
Article 4 Membership
Baby Box administrators, researchers and people engaged in social care may enroll in our organization upon the consent by the administration office.
Article 5 Organization Administration
The organization shall be administered in accordance with the intentions of the administration office and members.
Article 6 Administration Office and Director General
1.The location of the administration office of the organization shall be inside the Jikei Hospital, 6-1-27 Shimasaki, Nishi-Ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto
2.The organization shall appoint a Director General.
Article 7 Amendments
1.These articles may be subject to change.
2.These articles may be amended only with the consent of all members.
(Supplementary Provision)These rules shall be enforced from December 1, 2018